Sunday, July 25, 2010


The internet has a wealth of information that is just a few clicks away. Almost anything that is desired can be found, but how do you search for this information? And once this information is found, how do you determine if the information is good or bad? These are two questions that most researchers will ask themselves.

The first question is relatively easy to answer – that is, most people if not all people will use a search engine to carry-out their research purposes. These people might be a shopper looking for an item, a traveler looking for vacation ideas, or a student doing a research paper on the history of the internet. They are looking to the internet to find a website(s) that will provide them with valid and reliable information that will fulfill their specific research purpose.

The second question is more difficult to answer – that is, it's assumed that most people will not analyze a website and its information. Why? I think that many persons may have the perspective that information on the internet is mostly reliable or they don't know about the tools and techniques used to analyze the integrity of a website's information.

Whatever the case, the objective for any researcher is to find trustworthy information from the internet. This blog will start off by give you a background on the internet and then it moves to advanced topics that will introduce the tools and techniques that will speed-up and size-up any type of internet research project.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Group Assignment

Group Assignment   
In this assignment a group assigned by the professor will be given the opportunity to complete a number of group assignments.  Each week the group will be given an assignment consisting of a set of weblinked materials.  Each student will review the materials and discuss the materials in the group discussion board.  Each member of the group will submit an overview of the materials (2-3 pages).  The group will then review discuss and create a group synthesis of the materials.  This will  continue over 4-6 weeks.  At the end of the group project the group will submit one completed paper of 12- 15 pages.  The assignment will be worth 30% of the grade.
  • This assignment is worth 30% of the total grade.
  • Submissions are permitted for this assignment.
  • Resubmissions (multiple submissions) are permitted for this assignment.